Hey everyone! Between my heavy touring schedule and wanting to get back into the studio and revisit some of my personal production techniques, it’s been a minute since I’ve put out any music, but I’m excited to drop this Grove Eyewear exclusive remix for you all of the Fetty Wap song ‘Trap Queen’. I put my spin on it and slowed it down just a hair, which allowed it to flow nicely between the 70 and the 140 bpm sections, and gave it a nice push and pull feel. I can’t wait to play it out live for you all!

Also, jump over to the Grove Eyewear website (www.groveeyewear.com) and check out their sunglasses. The frames are handmade from bamboo so they float if you drop them in the water, and they’re seriously awesome looking too! I’ll be rocking them on stage at some festivals this summer!

You can download the remix here directly from the music page or jump over to the ArchnemesisMusic Soundcloud page (www.soundcloud.com/archnemesismusic) and give it some love! There’a also a YouTube video edit I did here – www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8kOJVhF16k

Enjoy! 🙂

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