City : Artemas, PA
Venue : Big Dub Festival
Address : 190 Walker Lane
Time : Set Time TBD

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July 29th – August 2nd

Hosted at Four Quarters Farm
190 Walker Ln, Artemas PA

The 6th annual Big Dub Festival!

This year will continue to be integral in an ongoing legacy as multi-year veterans join and embrace newcomers into a culture of eco-responsibility, of giving & sharing, and respect for oneself & others. We are blossoming into something special that cannot be explained – but felt in the magical energy that fills the air.

– free parking & camping (no RV’s)
– dozens of patron-created theme camps
– professional fireworks display
– hammock haven
– silent disco afterhours
– nightly drum circle & invitation for all acoustic instruments
– free, clean running water, showers, and flushing toilets
– cellphone charging station @ BADASS merch booth
– daily swimming hole party w/ inflatables (Thu, Fri, Sat)
– main stages operating Thurs, Friday, Saturday
– daily in-camp yoga & meditation
– daily workshop & seminar schedule featuring topics on dance, poi, fire arts, crafting, sex, spirituality, politics, and more
– MOOP & Mimosas (MOOP = matter out of place aka TRASH!! Turn in trash bags after you have cleaned up your campsite and get a refreshing drink on Aug 3th)

Wednesday July 29th at 2PM
Thursday July 30th at 10AM
Friday July 31st at 10AM
Saturday Aug 1st at 10AM
Sunday Aug 2nd at 3PM is camp exodus

– Leave No Trace. You are responsible for your trash!

– Do not litter cigarette butts. Put them in a container as you smoke them. Or better yet…vape.

– Absolutely NO GLASS. Anything in a glass bottle will be confiscated & there is no return guarantee. You can put alcohol in plastic bottles.

– Absolutely NO DRUGS.

– No megaphones (these will be destroyed)

– You agree to a full car search upon entry at the gate.

– No knives, guns, axes, or anything that can be used as a weapon

– Bring your own food & beverages! Just no glass & don’t leave trash!

– Sunday is camp cleaning day. Join us by stopping by the information booth to get a trash bag and help us restore the land to it’s original state.

– Must be 18+ and MUST HAVE VALID ID. State issued driers license or passport only. No exceptions.

– There is no “car camping.” If you wish to sleep in your car then that’s fine but no tents can be setup in the lot. If you wish to be near your car there is a camping field next to the parking field. Note that this is a 10 minute walk to the main stages.